Workshop of Majiang

Last summer, I went to several villages in JiangXi to explore a kind of handmade material relate with my own design work. In the ShuangLin Town, I saw an old woman who is using a small old machine to twine a spindle, the spindles she made will be sold to her nabhours to make longitude for cloth.

This town was a famous Grass cloth Village, however less people work on this craft these year. The old people are making this craft for living. The old machine makes me think about the craft chain in another possibility. Also I think the machine is something important to relate old people with current society.
When I came back to school, I happened to have the chance to start a project relate with a kind of craft. So I ask my students to think a way to improve the process of making linen crafts.And I was fortuned to be selected to report this course’s result in front of the faculty members at the end of last semester.


Students works
Wang Li Zhao

Su Hai Tao

Wang Ting

Zheng Meng Chu

Li Xiao Long

Guo Yi Fan

Yang Jing

Lin You Wen

Li Mo Sen

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Hi,I'm an interdisciplinary designer. I graduated from Royal College of Art, MA Design Products in 2014. My work present an experimental observation of humanity and humanistic feelings, culture perspective and certain problem, explore how they interactive with the social environment or certain objects. My artistic medium consist of moving image , text and a wide range of objects.

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